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Moms answer moms 

Motherhood comes with a lot of questions. So, we worked with Walmart+ to create a

real-time response campaign on TikTok. We enlisted a crew of celebrity & influencer moms to share their best tips & tricks with real moms seeking answers.

This was a true labor of love. And...we're still exhausted. 

phase 1:

The Announcement 

We kicked it off with an announcement video on TikTok prompting real moms to ask their Q's in the comments.

phase 2:

Moms Answer Moms

Once the comments started rolling in, we went to town writing, shooting, editing 

& posting.

All in all it was...

3 days.

10k+ comments vetted.

98 scripts written.

54 spots shot, edited & posted.

161M+ collective views.

Just 8 out of the 54 below...

The walk from set to edit! 

And there was one certain (non-mom-related) question people kept asking Paris that we felt we needed to addressed...

Phase 3:

Moms Answer Moms

We also captured some of our favorite "mom hacks" to sustain the campaign through Mother's Day.

BUZZ buzz

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