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Walmart+ weekenD

We got Jim Gaffigan, Ken Jeong & Iliza Shlesinger to give us their hottest takes on the hottest Walmart+ Weekend deals, using the classic comedy construct of "What's the deal with..." 

Director: Jody Hill (co-creator of Eastbound & Down and Vice Principles, director of The Righteous Gemstones

Since all the best comedy specials have trailers...

Each comedian got their own trailer

Made a slew of :30s & :15s too!

Here's a few of them:

We worked with a slew of TikTok creators to approach the "What's the Deal?" concept in their own unique way.
A few examples:

I wanted to recreate an old photo I had with Jim, but he had an even better idea...

The internet had a pretty...unexpected response to this video:

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